Finest Tequila Might Be In Your Own Range

In some cultures and countries, it is customary for people to share a shot of tequila with friends. Tequila is an alcoholic beverage which has been produced predominantly in Mexico. The drink consists of a distilled beverage of the blue agave plant. This juice of the fermented plant is then heated and fermented with yeast, which gives alcohol-by-volume of 40%. The blue agave plant grows naturally only in a narrow region in central Mexico, where it has been cultivated by indigenous peoples since up to 3,000 years BC.

Process of Tequila Making

Tequila making involves a series of steps. The first step is extraction, which involves the use of stone mills to crush the mature Agave plant (about 10 years). This crushed material is cooked in large vats over fire, while being mixed with wood chips to eliminate impurities and give color to the liquid. After this, yeasts are added so that fermentation can take place and produce alcohol.

Types of Tequila

There are several types of Top tequilla brands. The most common categories are tequila blanco and tequila reposado. A category which is less known to many people is the one called “tequila oro”, which is considered to be the finest and purest of all. There are also many brands which produce a variety of quality tequilas, but only a few that produce a range of outstanding tequilas.

Tequila Oro

Tequila oro is considered to be the finest and purest of all tequilas. These are blanco tequilas which have undergone a special aging process in wooden barrels. This gives them a distinctive taste and aroma. The aging process used in this particular type of tequila makes it more expensive than other kinds of tequila, because the amount of alcohol-by-volume is low, only 40%. This value is reduced even further when 12 months have passed after the release of the barrels.

How To Choose The Perfect Restaurant To Dine In?

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Are you planning to try out something special and new, or do you plan to visit a restaurant for celebrating any special festival or occasion? You must make sure that you opt for the perfect restaurant for yourself as it can undoubtedly do wonders to turn your evening into the most special one or a complete disaster.

This article will talk about some of the things a person must consider while choosing the best restaurant.

  • Offline and online reviews

The advent of modern technology in this day and age, for instance, online reviews and smartphone apps, have indubitably made the process of narrowing down one of the perfect restaurants to visit a piece of cake. Upon reading the experience given by them, a person can easily decide the restaurant he wishes to visit. Word of mouth and other such offline reviews are also known to play a major role in putting up an effective amount of impact to choose the best restaurant such as the Green Mill Restaurant & Bar.

  • Quality and variety of food

The cuisine and menu offered by a restaurant are considered one of the primary factors a person should consider while choosing a restaurant. If you wish to eat South Indian food, you should consider looking for a restaurant known for exclusively serving South Indian Food or has them on their menu. If in case every member of the family has their specific preferences of cuisine, you can prefer visiting a multi-cuisine restaurant.

  • Degree of proximity

A person should ensure that the restaurant’s location is well within his reach. Traveling hundreds of kilometers to eat food from one particular restaurant for a few hundred thousand rupees is not worth it. Instead, a person should consider going to a restaurant within a reasonable distance from his home. Apart from the distance of the restaurant, a person should also consider the surroundings of the restaurant; for instance, the ones offering a peaceful scenic view are definitely worth giving a shot.

  • Affordability

A person must ensure that he is comfortable paying the bill at his chosen restaurant, it is always good to stick to a restaurant that suits your pocket. Look for a meal or dish worth spending on, either in the form of exceptional services or in perfect portions.


Choosing a restaurant can prove to be a difficult task at times. You can consider visiting Green Mill Restaurant & Bar, it is known for its customer service, high quality of food, and perfect location. Can a restaurant be any better?