Catch Up on Telugu Cinema: Full Movies on OTT Platforms

If you enjoy Telugu films and the thrill of crime films, aha video is the best OTT platform for you. Telugu entertainment has an interesting avenue for people to explore. Imagine a world in which you can immerse yourself in gripping stories, see magnificent action, and solve mysteries from the comfort of your own home.

aha isn’t only a platform. It is the entryway to a treasure trove of Telugu crime thriller movies, each a cinematic masterpiece that keeps fans guessing. Prepare to enjoy Telugu films like never before with the thrill of Telugu criminal thrillers on aha.

1 – Hidimbha

In the Telugu thriller Hidimbha, directed by Aneel Kanneganti and written by Mayukh Adithya and Kanneganti himself, Hyderabad is seized by panic as numerous girls disappear without a trace. Two police officials, ACP Abhay (Ashwin Babu) and IPS officer Aadhya (Nandita Swetha), team up to solve the matter. A single, fascinating detail connects the victims: all of the missing girls wore red.

Their inquiry progresses, revealing a hidden tribe called Hidimbha and a possible link between their tragic past and the current disappearances. Aadhya discovers a terrifying parallel to a previously unsolved case involving her missing father, which sparks a personal link for her.

Despite the officers’ initial efforts, more females disappear during the investigation. Hidimbha combines police procedural components with an intriguing historical mystery. The film got praise for the fascinating plot and criticism for the climax’s timing and execution.

2 – Nene Naa

Caarthick Raju directs the Telugu mystery thriller Nene Naa, which stars Regina Cassandra as Divya, a skilled archaeologist. The Nalgonda police department, directed by Jayaprakash, seeks her expertise to investigate a mysterious murder in a deep forest. As Divya dives deeper, a startling revelation emerges. She unearths an ancient skeleton and discovers that the skull shares an uncanny similarity to her own features.

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This throws the whole case into chaos. To make matters worse, the local police chief is brutally slain with a spear, and forensic evidence connects the weapon to a young woman’s fingerprints. Now, Divya, along with maybe Akshara Gowda playing another part, must not only uncover the relationship between the past and present but also tackle the possibility of a greater mystery lurking beneath the surface. Will she be able to solve the present case while facing her own unsettling past?

3 – Bhamakalapam

Priyamani stars in “Bhamakalapam,” directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti, as Anupama, a Telugu housewife with an uncanny ability to be nosy. Anupama balances her responsibilities as a wife, mother, and aspiring YouTuber with a food channel. Her true love, however, is scrutinising her neighbours’ lives. When she observes a heated altercation between a couple, her suspicions escalate into a horrifying belief: the husband murdered his wife.

Anupama begins an amateur investigation out of curiosity, but things take a dramatic turn when she discovers a dead body. Panicked, she flees the situation, only to become caught in a complicated murder mystery. As a hesitant witness with a target on her back, Anupama must use her wit and cunning to navigate the dangerous situation and untangle the truth.

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aha video is a streaming portal for Telugu crime thriller movies with titles such as Hidimbha, Nene Naa, and Bhamakalapam. Each film contains a unique puzzle with suspenseful aspects, police investigations, and hidden facts that will keep you captivated on the screen. From strange disappearances with historical ties to a current murder investigation with a disturbing personal connection, aha’s collection contains Telugu crime thrillers that cater to a wide range of interests, all promising to unravel compelling secrets.

Ideal Indoor Golf Bay: Architectural and Interior Design Considerations

Creating the perfect indoor golf cove involves careful consideration of both architectural and interior design elements. From optimizing space utilization to creating a comfortable and immersive environment, various factors contribute to designing an ideal indoor golf experience. Here, we explore key architectural and interior design considerations to ensure the functionality, aesthetics, and overall appeal of an indoor golf bay.

  1. Space Planning and Layout:

Optimal Dimensions: Design the bay with sufficient space for swinging clubs comfortably without obstruction.

Traffic Flow: Arrange furniture and equipment to facilitate easy movement within the bay and ensure safety during play.

Multiple Bays: If space permits, consider designing multiple bays to accommodate simultaneous play or group sessions.

  1. Lighting and Ambiance:

Natural Light: Maximize natural light by positioning the bay near windows or incorporating skylights to create a bright and airy atmosphere.

Artificial Lighting: Install adjustable lighting fixtures to ensure proper illumination for playing conditions and enhance the overall ambiance.

Mood Lighting: Incorporate customizable mood lighting options to create different atmospheres, such as simulating outdoor courses or evening play.

  1. Flooring and Surface Materials:

Shock Absorption: Choose flooring materials with shock-absorbing properties to reduce impact on joints and prevent damage from club strikes.

Durability: Select durable surfaces that can withstand frequent foot traffic and golf swings, such as rubberized flooring or commercial-grade carpeting.

Grip Support: Ensure proper grip support for golf shoes by opting for textured or non-slip flooring materials.

  1. Acoustic Treatment:

Noise Reduction: Incorporate acoustic panels or sound-absorbing materials to minimize noise transmission within the bay and adjacent spaces.

Audio Enhancement: Integrate audio systems for playing background music or simulating ambient sounds of outdoor courses, enhancing the immersive experience.

  1. Climate Control:

Temperature Regulation: Install heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable climate year-round, ensuring optimal playing conditions regardless of external weather.

Humidity Management: Control humidity levels to prevent moisture buildup and protect equipment from damage, particularly in enclosed indoor environments.

  1. Technology Integration:

Projection Screens: Install high-quality projection screens or video walls to display virtual golf courses and shot data, providing players with visual feedback and immersive gameplay.

Simulator Software: Invest in advanced simulator software with realistic graphics, accurate ball tracking, and customizable settings to enhance the gaming experience.

Data Connectivity: Ensure seamless integration with digital devices and internet connectivity for accessing online resources, updating software, and sharing gameplay results.

  1. Storage and Organization:

Equipment Storage: Design dedicated storage areas for golf clubs, balls, tees, and other accessories to keep the space organized and clutter-free.

Multi-functional Furniture: Choose multi-functional furniture pieces, such as benches with built-in storage or retractable tables, to maximize space utilization and flexibility.


Designing the ideal indoor golf bay requires a thoughtful blend of architectural and interior design considerations to create a space that is functional, visually appealing, and conducive to an immersive golfing experience. By addressing factors such as space planning, lighting, flooring, acoustics, technology integration, and personalization, designers can craft indoor golf bays that meet the needs and expectations of golf enthusiasts while providing a unique and enjoyable recreational environment.