swimming pool contractor

A beautiful house with a luxurious pool in the backyard makes a dream home for many. A pool at home does give a great value to the property as well as the looks. You can have a relaxed evening by the poolside. With elegant poolside furniture consider the evening well spent. But wait, your job doesn’t end with laying a pool and enjoying its beauty. You wouldn’t want your pool to look unkempt and smelly. The fun of having a pool is lost when it is not maintained. This requires a lot of regular maintenance that you can check here further.

Filter cleaning: There is a filter in your swimming pool that removes dirt and impurities. Leaves fall from the surrounding trees and get stuck in the filter. You have to clean the filter regularly, which maybe once a week. The filter can be turned off and the dirt collected can be cleaned off. There is also a need to backwash the filter pipes once a month. After removing the dirt collected let the water flow free to clean the pipe’s inner. You can also set the filter timer so that the need for removing the filter frequently is reduced.

Scrubbing the dirt and algae:

The pool floor gets dirt and dusted easily. Over time, algae are formed and that leaves an unpleasant smell and also hygiene issues. Skimming and scrubbing have to be done frequently. Yes, it is a repetitive process but a must. Scrub off the algae every week, else it will get mixed with water thereby causing allergies. If kids are using the pool you have to even more cautious. When you look at the pool the waters have to be pristine. There are types of equipment available for cleaning a pool nowadays.

pool squeaky clean

Adding chemicals:

You have to check your pool regularly and add chemicals as required. These are the regular disinfectants used to clear the pool of bacterial growth. Though you may have the services of your pool contractor, you could follow some simple steps daily as per their guidance. This can help in maintaining a clean and clear pool throughout.

Shocking the pool:

Sometimes it may be necessary to cloud the pool waters by a treatment called shocking. It involves adding more levels of chlorine than usual when bacterial growth seems to be high. This may be done if you have had lots of visitors to your pool recently. This need not be practiced regularly as it may damage the sides of the pool due to heavy chemical content.

Swimming pool maintenance can also be outsourced to contractors dealing with the same to have an enjoyable water time.